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ah! makes sense now! Every website, every new piece of software - there’s always something different to figure out :smile:


I don’t check TV series unless it’s on an official list or something, and even then, I’d only check them as a whole, not individual episodes

There is a site for keeping up with TV shows called “trakt”, I started using it alongside iCM for movies.


I don’t have a problem with tv series being on there e.g: Game of Thrones or Star Trek. But when people are ticking off every individual episode except for just the tv series as a whole, that is getting a bit ridiculous. Like I recently finished watching Game of Thrones and I checked that and did a short review for Game of Thrones as a whole, and that’s really useful to me. But why the individual episodes?


^ To follow IMDb. To fight discrimination. To get bigger check counts. To pass time at work.


I have to agree with the OP. I’ve recently gotten behind on my checks. I was going through 2016 and it is taking me forever to find ACTUAL movies due to all of the individual TV episodes listed. Most of the replies seem to be in favor of keeping individual TV episodes so it appears that Scruluce are in the minority.


what if the episodes where tagged as episodes

note my viewpoint is i don’t care what others check

the annoying part can be browsing filmographies to see what movies you haven’t seen while a page is cluttered with episodes. Just as an example:


This may help. If episodes were tagged, then they could be filtered out in searches, right?


Yeah, the clutter in the search sucks when you’re searching for a movie.

For the filmogs, I think you’re supposed to be able to do this:,mediatype:movie
but doesnt seem to work


The mediatype filter doesn’t seem to work in the beta, and as you note the data doesn’t seem to be accurate for episodes (and a lot of other newer imports). You also can’t negative filter. I do hope these things are brought to the beta.


I know this is an old thread but I wanted to add my two cents worth.

I regularly check TV episodes and I find it incredibly useful to be able to keep track of what episodes I’ve seen. Sometimes I’ll watch a series over several months or years, sometimes not in the same order that they were broadcast and I want to be able to remember which episodes I’ve seen at a glance. Sometimes I’ll miss an episode or two during a live television broadcast that I need to come back to later.

I’ve got two young kids and marathon-ing a series in a single weekend isn’t an option for me.

For example, I’ve been working my way through the original series of Doctor Who (all 26 seasons) since 2010. I’m nearly finished (and it’s now mid 2017). Watching over that span of time makes it difficult to keep track in my head of what I’ve seen.

Likewise, I’m watching Star Trek (the original series) in the order the episodes were produced (it makes for better continuity) rather than the order they were broadcast (which is the order the appear on the DVDs). I need a way to keep track of that too.

Unless icheckmovies is going to make an ichecktv spin-off, I vote to keep episodes checkable.


Here are two great options for exactly what you’re describing doing.

Call me OCD, but the TV episodes create a lot of clutter, and unnecessary trouble when searching for some titles.


But do they allow to import from IMDb?