Site is down, serious issues


Does this mean several features are turned off currently (like the friends’ activity not appearing on the frontpage)? I can’t seem to fix duplicates at the moment. I just tried two, but the dupe remains.


Activity has been turned off (because it’s really heavy on the database). Fixing dupes and updating movies remain in the queue for now and will be processed later.


I guess I’ll wait with adding more dupes to the queue, till after wednesday. I don’t want to overload the database.


I’m able to use iCM on Chrome again. Thanks so much for keeping the site going and will be sending good wishes that the trip to Amsterdam goes well! Big thanks! :slight_smile:


Back to not being able to check in v2 on both Chrome and Firefox and completely unable to log in to v3 on same two browsers.


Yep, I’m on it. Ran out of disk space :grin:

Update 8:20 CEST
Fixed. Site is back up


as of 10:30 UCT things seem to working well - can check movies as usual and the response is good. Thanks! :smile: Here’s hoping fixes hold and the Amsterdam fix goes smoothly on your end.


Seems to be working for now, so closing this.




Update September 7, 0:07 CEST

Hardware on both database servers has been replaced. Servers are reinstalling OS now and after that I need to do some configuring. Probably ready for use by the end of this week.


Thank you for the updates, and for taking care of the issues. This is one of my favorite sites, so I’m anxious for it to be back at full strength!


Update September 8, 21:35 CEST:

I’ll be moving the data back to the database servers in a few minutes. Site will be offline until transfer is complete. If everything goes well, we’ll be back at full speed!


Veel succes!



Still copying database. Takes a while…

Update 1:10 CEST:
Almost there! :slight_smile:

Update 1:55 CEST:
We’re back up and fast again!

Tomorrow, I’ll fix the background services (movie adding, duplicates, etc).


Thanks, Marijn. I just woke up and noticed the speed is indeed back to normal again. Great!


Background services are running again :slight_smile:


I’m getting reports of people not being able to favorite/dislike a movie. I’m looking into it.

Update 0:16 CEST:
Fixed! :smiley:


I can’t add/remove movies from lists.


I thought I was the only one. I posted about it on and some people responded they had no problems.

When I try to edit a list using IMDb movie urls, the moment I hit the save-button, I get “temporarily unavailable”. It’s been like that for two days.