Poll: Lists that should be official: nominations due April 29


First time posting, do I win a prize?

Anyway, I love the discussion - just skimmed it, may spend more time on a it later. I’m most interested in country lists, in particular from countries that aren’t represented at all by their own lists, so I was going to nominated lists of Filipino and Israeli films but it looks like those are already mentioned. I will just add one list for now that I don’t see

100 Shakespeare Films (BFI Screen Guide)

The top 100 filmed Shakespeare adaptations, as selected by Daniel Rosenthal in BFI Screen Guides’ "100 Shakespeare Films.

Alphabetical order. Would add 59 new official checks out of 100 entries.

Reasoning: well, people are talking about lists for acting (which I support), and obviously many lists focus on directing, why not one focusing on writing? And why not start with this little old English guy.


I wouldn’t describe the list as being “films that aren’t good enough” (though I’m sure some are) but rather “films that don’t have broad enough support yet” or “films that are under-seen”). Still I probably wouldn’t vote for the list, it’s kind of silly when it comes down to it.


In theory, perhaps. In actual effect the underseen films are already on DTC or 500<400 and not eligible and the list ends up mostly as popular films that are good but not great with the occasional overlooked gem or ideosyncratic favourite.


My nominations:

American History Magazine’s “100 Greatest Spy Movies” (2009)

102 films (a trilogy counted as one); 42 unofficial checks; ranked

All I know about it is what it says in the list’s description: ‘In 2009, the editors of American History magazine published a special issue ranking the “100 Greatest Spy Movies” in their estimation.’


Guide for the Film Fanatic (1986)

1644 films; around 350 unofficial checks (21% of the list); alphabetical

From the book written by Danny Peary (of “Cult Movies” fame), described on the cover as “a critical checklist of more than 1600 must-see midnight movies, classics, silents, epics, camp favorites, cult picks, sleepers, video smashes, and more”.


spy movies are a good idea! I know nothing about the source at the moment, but the list looks good; with at least some strong european entries. Not really much europsy-movies… but the greatness of them can be disputed :smile:

looking for lists in subgenres is very welcome, to cater to fans that feel left out at some points now. next to spy movies i can think of, giallo, gothic horror, swashbuckling, peplum, fairytale, cyberpunk…(pinku, exploitation?, wuxia?)… the trick is finding solid sources. (I am going to look into this myself, but am kinda busy with the Imagine filmfestival at the moment)


Couple of lists which I’d like to nominate.

Firstly A.V. Club My Year of Flops (complete) based on the long running series on the AVClub.com and the subsequent book by Nathan Rabin. In truth if it’s the only way to get Josie and the Pussycats on an official list it’d be worth supporting.

Secondly a list I created, Sight and Sound Films of the Year. An annual survey of the best films of the year according to Sight and Sound magazine. Similar in scope to the Cahiers du cinéma - Yearly top 10s, which is an official list. Main argument against it is Sight and Sound only started doing their annual survey in 2005.


Were the " Oscar acting nominees" changed to just the winners list? I’m pretty sure reading the comments from the person that nominated that list was alright with that. (Personally, I would support the winners becoming official, but, not too sure about the nominees.)

My third list:

SonntagsZeitung Top 100 Swiss Films. Newspaper poll of the greatest Swiss 100 films; Ranked. It’s updated every 5 years, and the most recent version (which the link needs updated) UPDATED! is from August 2016.


My second nomination:

Academy Award Best Cinematography Nominees (last updated 2018)
605 films (reverse chronological)
Includes 145 films currently on no Official Lists
Films selected by the AMPAS as nominees in the Best Cinematography category at Oscars. A broad range of films highlighting the best of camerawork and lighting over the course of film history.

Considering that the Cinematography Winners is an Official List already, I think it sort of makes sense to make the nominees Official too. This would follow suit for the way the Oscar Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Picture categories have both Winner and Nominee Official Lists.

And yes, as suggested by flaiky upthread, I would not be against both the Documentary Winners and Nominee lists being made Official - even if the nominees that I haven’t yet seen intrigue me more.


Yes (didn’t check mjf’s spreadsheet yet.
Moviedearest combined his separate lists into this:


A broad range of films highlighting the best of camerawork and lighting over the course of film history.

In English language territory, that is. Which is why I’d be against this becoming official before for instance some festival cinematography awards lists.


My 1st nomination:

CineChile’s 50 Best Chilean movies of all time (2016)
62 films ranked.

Voted by more than 70 directors, actors, programmers, scholars, journalists and critics for CineChile website.
IMO it’s a very good list that represents very well the most important Chilean films and directors from the past and present (Ruiz, Jodorowsky, Guzmán, Larraín, Lelio and less well known outside Latin America like Aldo Francia, Cristián Sanchez, Perut-Osnovikoff). It would make official very important films like Valparaiso mi amor, La Frontera, Palomita Blanca, El Club among others.


125 Forbidden films
125 films that were banned due their content. Adopted from book written by Dawn B. Sova.
Ranked as they were in the book.


European film award for best film (updated annually)
30 films – 171 including nominated films(chronological)
I would love to see the European Film Awards represented (ideally in a similar way as the Academy Awards lists – one list with the winners, and one with the winners and nominees). My nomination is for the main winners list, but ideally, I would like both lists to be considered together. The films on the list are nominated and voted on annually by the European Film Academy.

Empire Masterpieces (updated monthly)
179 films – 169 listed on iCM (monthly selection)
The selections on the list are chosen by the editors of Empire magazine, and include films deemed to be ‘masterpieces’ by the magazine. One film is chosen each month, and received a two-page write-up by the magazine. I have nominated this list as it is not an overly daunting list for beginner and intermediate cinephiles, and is consistently updated slowly and steadily. An easy list to follow, with some good choices.

The 77 Best Kids Films of All Tme (2015)
87 films (chronological)
Published by the Telegraph based on the selections of its writers, the list outlines a selection of the best children’s films of all time.

I would also like to make the appeal again to only have one entry for the Taschen decade lists. I would hate to think that the votes may be split based on people’s preferences for adopting it as one list or multiple decade lists. It seems it would make much more sense to vote on them as a group, and then decide whether they should be adopted as one list or separately if they have a good showing in this poll (which I sincerely hope they will).


Third and final nomination:

BAFTA Best British Film Nominees (last updated 2018)
237 films (chronological order)
Includes 61 films currently on no Official Lists

While there are already a couple of Official British lists, the BFI list is cut-off at 1998, while the most recent film in the 100 Best British Films list is from 2009. By adopting the BAFTA Best British Film Nominees, there will be a continually (well, annually) updated source of the best that UK cinema has to offer.


I think we already agreed on this. One entry in the poll. If it’s up for adoption we’ll decide later whether they will be separate lists or one combined list.


AFI 100 Years… 100 Movies Complete Nominations (1998 to 2008):
1843 films on list (will result in 452 new “checks”, 25% of the list).
List is ordered chronologically by film release date.
Every film nominated by AFI members for at least one of the American Film Institute’s “100 Years… 100 Movies” lists that were televised annually from 1998 to 2008.

Academy Award Animated Short and Feature Winners (1931 to the present):
103 films on list (will result in 56 new “checks”, 54% of the list).
List is ordered chronologically by awards year.
All the winners of the Academy Award for Animated Short Film (from the 1931-32 awards to the present) and all the winners of the Academy Award for Animated Feature Film (from the 2001 awards to the present).

Academy Award Documentary Feature and Short Winners (1941 to the present):
156 films on list (will result in 115 new “checks”, 74% of the list).
List is ordered chronologically by awards year.
All the winners of the Academy Award for Documentary Feature and Documentary Short Subject from the 1941 awards to the present.


Resubmitting my lists above in correct format:

A.V. Club - My Year of Flops (2012)
241 films (weekly selection)
Based on long running article in AVClub.com and follow up book by Nathan Rabin.

I see someone else has nominated an annual Sight and Sound poll so won’t renominate the duplicate.


1st Nomination
Top-Grossing Films (1930-1966) - a list of 864 films

“The following list of top-grossing films has been garnered from the records of The Motion Picture Herald, Motion Picture Daily, and Film Daily. For each year, the films have been listed in alphabetical order. . .” Source: The American Movies Reference Book: The Sound Era.

2nd Nomination
5001 Nights At The Movies - a list of 2755 films

Pauline Kael, the New Yorker movie critic. Critic from 1968 to 1991. From her book titled 5001 Nights at the Movies.

3rd Nomination
Murder On Tape - a list of 453 films

All films rated “good” or better in the book Murder On Tape by Ted Sennett. Welcome to the movie world of crime and punishment, featuring murder, mayhem, and skulduggery.


I’m curious as to how you’d feel about this alternative (note that this isn’t meant to supplant your nomination, I’m just curious as to the opinion of someone who cares about having a historical box office list(s))

The time frames are from the source. I could add similar lists for the ensuing decades, pre1990 is where it’s much harder to find data. The lists are ordered by box office gross and seem more manageable as lists to work on than the one you posted. I wish I had access the sources used for that list.


@Mulholland, @assilem23, @beasterne, @Lakigigar, @Cinephage, @Verhoeven, @Gershwin: I added your nominations.

I removed the Academy Award acting nominees list (it was replaced with the winners list).

The spreadsheet is updated up to post 124.