Poll: Lists that should be official: nominations due April 29


MovieDearest did it as well. You can remove yours. MovieDearest kept the separate lists for years, so if we’re going to adopt this, I prefer to adopt it from him.


Yeah! The Danish list is great. The work of DFI is quite essential and it would make sense to make it official!


That one is already official, as you can see here.


My second nomination:

Soundvenue’s 25 Best Danish Movies of the 21st Century
Based on a poll among 115 people from the Danish movie industry.
Adds 9 new official checks (for example Reconstruction, Refn’s Valhalla Rising, Anders Thomas Jensen’s Flickering Lights and Vinterberg’s Submarino)
Here’s the source.
It has 26 entries instead of 25 because Nymphomaniac has 2 iCM entries.

And @Giversen @BareLolk @Nuked I think this might very well be complementary to the DFI list, which goes until 2000. Maybe we should start a lobby to get both lists adopted in the same round. :slight_smile:


Oops… I didn’t see it. Saves me the work of figuring out an order to put it in as well; right now mine was sort of a mess, as I was just wanting to get something up. :wink:


Ah yes so it is!


Would like to see a proper whodunit / murder mystery list, this is one i saw, a ranked list of 250 films.
[The Best Whodunit Movies of All Time]


Looks like a personal list to me, just something made by a Flickchart-user. We need a decent source.


The 35 Greatest Murder Mystery Movies Ever Made (published 2014)
Compiled by Gary Susman of MovieFone, 35 films, A-Z

Videohound’s Horror Show: 999 Hair-Raising, Hellish, and Humorous Movies (published 1998)
From the book by Mike Mayo, 1008 (not 999!) films, A-Z

Horror! 333 Films to Scare You to Death (2010)
From the book by James Marriott, 334 films, date order


I think the Flickchart lists are based on ranked lists made by users, but I don’t know the details of how they’re calculated. They have lists for a lot of different genres, not just this one. Still I think it would be better to find a different type of source.


The original AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Movies.


If a list is updated, we don’t keep the old one as official list, just like we don’t want to adopt TSPDT All Editions for example. This list is not eligible.


@Carota: I didn’t add the Cinema16 list but I added your other nominations.
@beasterne, @envynav, @linuscaldwell75, @Fergenaprido: I added your nominations.
@this_is_my_movies: All of your nominations were already auto-nominated.

The spreadsheet is updated up to post 96.


More horror lists, really? We already got a list with 1,000 entries. Seems enough to me, to be honest, at least until some other genres get a better representation.


Dizionario dei capolavori del cinema (Dictionary of Cinema Masterpieces)
1244 films (chronologically)
“Dizionario dei capolavori del cinema” is an Italian book written by Fernando Di Giammatteo and Cristina Bragaglia published in 2004. It lists 1244 of the “most significative movies” released between 1895 and 2004."

‘I Capolavori’ - The 4 and 5 star Italian classics, according to the Morandini dictionary
161 films
“Written and updated on a year-by-year basis by Laura, Luisa and Morando Morandini. (…) The four-star rating is generally given to film regarded as masterpieces, while the five-star rating is assigned to those films that are considered to be fundamental in the history of cinema or that represent the highest achievement of a great director.” (stefanaki) (Last updated on Apr 2, 2018; ranked chronologically)


Very few Balkan films are on top lists, so these are my entries:

Liberated Cinema: The Yugoslav Experience (2003)
172 films (chronological)
A book by Daniel J. Goulding exploring the best of Yugoslav film art. The list is taken from the filmography section.

Pula Film Festival - Big Golden Arena Award
61 films (chronological)
The Pula Film Festival is the oldest Croatian film festival, starting in 1954. The Big Golden Arena for Best Film is the festival’s main prize.


Both were already nominated here, so I think you still have three slots.


More primarily drama lists, really? We already got lists with a combined total of 1,000+ entries. Seems enough to me, to be honest, at least until another genre get a better representation.


Having an existing list in an area should not exclude the adoption of further lists. The They Shoot Zombies Don’t They list is a big improvement on the top 500 that was removed but it is really intended for hard-core horror fans and leaves scope for horror lists that might appeal to other groups of film-watchers.

  • A shorter list for horror beginners that would be easier to get medals on. I’ve seen several complaints that the list is too big and intimidating.
  • A list curated by a single critic or critics only.
  • A list covering a subgenre or cross-genre (giallo for example, covers films with varying levels of horror, mystery, thriller and erotic elements)
  • A list which is focussed on areas TSZDT is weakest on: older films, non-American films, underseen films, shorts.


Fair enough, Chris, but in that case I’d prioritize one or two lists of about 100 films, for instance the BFI list, the Taschen list, the 101 YMSBYD list or the Time Out London list, definitely not the mentioned lists, and especially not the unranked list with more than 1,000 films. Which doesn’t take away from the point that other genres might need to get prioritized first. But I’d be quite happy if the BFI horror list got adopted immediately, to be honest.