Poll: Lists that should be official: nominations due April 29


Yes, the BFI European horror list was one of the lists uppermost in my mind when I wrote that, not the 333 film and 999 film lists. (Although the 333 film list is one of the best curated selections).

Other lists nominated up-thread I was thinking of:

  • The Asia Shock list - concentrates on a part of the globe not well-covered by TSZDT.
  • The video nasties list - Historically important. In the UK this is probably the most well-known of any list of movies as it was the centrepiece of a moral panic campaign spearheaded by the government, tabloids and pressure groups.


We won’t refuse to put another horror-list in the poll, because we already have a giant list. The lists as they are are eligible. We’ll see in the poll how they’ll do. No need to post “we don’t need more horror”. Trying to find lists that have a different scope, length or whatever is constructive though, so keep that up.


All french films nominated for the César Award for Best Film
regreshing list with 96 movies currently is zero official top list

350 best movies from the legendary team of Monsieur Cinéma.

A french prize, more confidential but older than the Cesar Award, it often choose less mainstream movies.
If you prefer Tati to Zidi that’s your list…

All movies in the Time Out Los Angeles 100 Best Teen Movies top list are listed below


That’s four nominations, Samlion. Which do you want to let go?
And providing a little text is more than copying it from iCM. The fourth text is the default text when the creator of the list doesn’t submit anything.


Limiting this to 3 lists is tough. There are many excellent options, but my preference is for big lists I would struggle to compile myself:

Sight & Sound Annual Top 10s
Taschen Decade Lists (separate)
Andrew Sarris Top 10s


Parker Tyler’s Underground Film: a critical history (1970)
208 films (chronological)

41% films wiithout entries in official lists

“Parker Tyler (1904-1974), one of the few great American film
critics, was intimate with and enormously respected by many of the
underground and experimental filmmakers of his time. In this book, Tyler
evaluated the Underground in general and the seminal films in
particular, covering the history and scope of the genre with insight and


All three have been auto-nominated already. Read the OP and open the spreadsheet.


Louis Delluc Prize and 100 Teen Movies are already nominated.


A Film Buff’s Guide to Movie Movements

-> https://www.icheckmovies.com/lists/a+film+buffs+guide+to+movie+movements/panunzio/
-> 143 films including the most notable films of significant film movements (French new wave, italian neorealism, dogme, japanese new wave etc.)

-> “Films held up as examples of prominent film movements by Empire magazine in their “Film 101” section. The films are divided into their respective movements:
French Impressionaism, German Expressionism, Soviet Montage, Documentary Film Movement, Poetic Realism, Italian Neorealism, Polish Film School, Free Cinema, Direct Cinema, British New Wave, French New Wave, Japanese New Wave, Cinema Novo, Czech New Wave, New German Cinema, LA Rebellion, The Movie Brats, Australian New Wave, Cinema du Look, New Queer Cinema, Dogme 95, Mumblecore”


Flickchart’s Top 100 of All Time
100 films (ordered)
The aggregated Top 100 Highest-Ranked Films by the users of Flickchart.com. List can be made bigger to fit the needs of the site.

AACTA Award for Best Film
50 films (chronoligical)
A list of all the AACTA Awards for Best Australian Film (previously AFI Award).

GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Film
53 movies (chronological)
These are all the award winners for the Outstanding Film in both the Wide Release and Limited Release by GLAAD. These awards are handed out to the best LGBT-related films.


This will probably be controversial, but what the hell:

iCM Forum’s Favourite Unofficial Checks (2018)
250 titles (ranked)
Generated via forum poll, which could become an annual project a la DtC and 500>400. Titles that are only official because of their inclusion on this list would remain eligible.

And I know that Sol already nominated the Oscar documentary nominees, but personally I always imaged the winners list becoming official. I figure it can’t hurt to propose both options:

Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature winners
76 titles (chronological, updated yearly)
Self explanatory.


I’m certainly very interested how it will do in the poll. I have no idea yet what I’ll vote for it myself.


I won’t. I support the forum, obviously, and I support our top 1001 list and I’d consider supporting some of our other lists, but a list whose criteria is “not good enough for any other list” seems inappropriate to me. It’s a fun and sometimes informative exercise but not something that should be official.


I think the userbase making these lists is large and knowledgable enough to allow some lists (with the awareness of a possible echo-chamber effect concerning more wellknown movies), but this one makes little sense if it were official.


AFI’s Greatest Movie Musicals (2006)
25 films (ordered)
Part of the AFI 100 Years… series, AFI’s Greatest Movie Musicals is a list of the top musicals in American cinema.

AFI’s 100 Years of Film Scores (2005)
25 films (ordered)
Part of the AFI 100 Years… series, AFI’s 100 Years of Film Scores is a list of the top 25 film scores in American cinema.


I don’t know how I feel about you nominating lists you’ve curated yourself. Yes, the sources for the lists are independent, but I have no sense, even after looking at the methodology section, of how things are weighted and, particularly, I have no sense that anyone else is interested in these lists. I suppose that’s something that will come out in the poll, but it would have been more open of you to at least acknowledge that that website is run by you.

Every list starts somewhere, of course, TSPDT didn’t have the following it has now when it first started, but I feel ICM official status should come after a list has some kind of external approval unless it is specifically meant to be a reflection of this community, not as a place to promote your otherwise unknown website (or maybe it’s just my own blindspot speaking, feel free to correct me). It’s a fine line for lists like the above, and I’ll have to reflect on it further on this.


I totally get that – I don’t want to be misusing this nomination system. I didn’t realize I was edging close to a line until you explained. I’m revising my post to nominate the Disney Animation Canon list I made a few years ago instead. Thanks!


First of all: 100 films? I only see 56.
Secondly: Just like we discussed above about other distributors and production companies, this list is not eligible.


Ah, gotcha. Third time’s the charm? Just nominated two AFI lists.


I think you should have an official list for the best TV shows of all time.