Poll: Critic/director lists that should be official: votes due July 8

I’d prefer to keep it as one list, to avoid cluttering up iCM with extraneous lists, especially as the two lists will have 42% overlap. Are there really going to be many people who want to follow Jean-Pierre’s taste but not Luc’s? Even Wikipedia has one article for both of them.

I agree, I don’t think any iCM lists should be lists of disrecommendations. Our existing “Bad Movies” list isn’t a list of movies that the list maker actually dislikes, it’s Andrew Borntreger’s favourite B-movies. By contrast, Ebert’s list is mostly incompetent American trash (that’s not the fault of the Americans in general, just that Ebert is an American critic and non-American trash doesn’t travel to get reviewed by him). It also contains a sizeable amount of mediocre films that he just happened to write a particularly humorously scathing review for, and a small number of excellent films which he hated for personal reasons, often due to them containing sexual violence (e.g. Blue Velvet, The Devils).

Is that really a list we should be putting on the site? In the second round I will be giving this list the lowest rating possible.