Official list updates


National Film Registry was updated this week. 53 titles were added (from #703 and down). I also changed the order of the list. It is now sorted by the year the titles were added to the registry and then by release year.


I just updated Anthology Film Archives’ Essential Cinema. I added “Film Exercise 5”. Previously Film Exercise 4 and 5 were combined in one entry “Film Exercises 4-5”. I have changed that on IMDb, so I could change it here.


They Shoot Pictures Don’t They has just been updated.


The Reddit Top 250 has just been updated.


The Brief Encounters list has been updated after 8 years as TSPDT have finally published a Top 250 list. The previous list was a preliminary list from a much smaller selection of critics’ lists, hence the big change.


The Academy Award Winners have been updated congrats The Salesman, La La Land and La La Land Moonlight.


The 21st Century’s Most Acclaimed Films has just been updated:


This actually doesn’t work, unless it takes into consideration minor changes as well, which aren’t reflected in the “New” tab nor in the date at the bottom. Right now it shows the BFI 100 Docs list as the most recently updated, but there are no changes (no new entries and none of the existing entries changed their position) and the last updated date is from 5 years ago (2012-01-04).


You’re right! I updated the Masters of Cinema list a couple of days ago (it wasn’t a “minor update”) and it’s not showing up on the first page at all. I guess it’s yet another bug on the site…? :disappointed:


I’ve posted about it before, but what you want is this user’s activity feed:
Every list update that isn’t a minor edit shows up there:
The ones that say “and 36 others” are the bi-weekly imdb list updates. If the number is higher than 36 then some other list was updated that same day.


Bodil Awards has just been updated:

This year’s winner was I blodet.


They Shoot Zombies has just been updated.


Also Doubling the Canon and the Spaghetti Western list.


Any chance we’ll soon see new official lists, Marijn?


I’m a little puzzled about the all-time worldwide box office list, why isn’t that list growing? there are movies entering almost every week and none is leaving obvious so why are there still 706 movies


I don’t understand what you mean by “still 706 movies?” If you mean that you’re looking at previous versions of the list on the site, you should know there’s a bug where the total remains the same. The checked/unchecked tabs are correct, so you can add them and see that the list is in fact growing. The only lack of growth is the last update where Bahubali 2 was removed from the list because it was removed from boxofficemojo. I have no insight as to what is going on there, but the list is accurate to the source.


I just updated Tim Dirk:

Two titles were added.


Best of Rotten Tomatoes has updated since late August.


I think I did actually update it once in September but didn’t click a box to make it show as a separate update. I’ve just updated it.


Thanks! I’m working on completing the list, so thanks for the update.