Official list updates

All Time Box Office has been expanded to 300 titles.

This movie: I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932)

Should be added to this list:

As i’ve just seen the documentary, the list is based on and in part 3. app. 30min and for 5 min. “chaingang” is the main focus.

And that one might not be the only one. I just took a look at the wikipedia-page and that lists 112 titles (including Chain Gang), but the iCM-list has only 100 titles. Why are 12 missing? The iCM-list doesn’t say anything about excluding some movies. Does anyone know anything about this?

I’ll PM Baalman to shed a light on this.

Hello. The Old Dark House (1932)() should be added to Masters Of Cinema list.

And shouldn’t the actual documentary " A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies" be on the list as well?

What happened to the 1920s list? 48 new movies were just added but it doesn’t match the imdb source link.

We are aware. Somehow the list now has the lowest rated movies instead of the highest. I already reported it to @Marijn to look into it.

There seems to be a high level of volatility in the IMDB lists as of late. Some lists are regularly having 10 new movies swapping in and out. Adventure has 8 today, Musical has 8, Shorts has 50, Thriller has 6… Do we know what’s causing this? Is there a way to stabilize things? It seems like every IMDB list is having issues and has been for the past month or so.

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IMDb has been messing around at their side. We are aware of this. Let’s wait for things to quiet down there before we start making changes.

To whoever is maintaining the Criterion list: don’t forget to add the movies included in the Bergman box. Thanks!

Several films in multiple lists (especially Action) are changing back and forth two times a week for several weeks now. What is this?

Imdb is flipping the way they break ties on the lists, so tied films flip their order. It’s been like this for a couple of months now, so we may need to find our own solution.

@Knaldskalle: Can you reply to this?

We’re in a bit of a quandary with the Bergman box. Some years ago the “AK 25” box set was excluded from the Criterion list because it didn’t have a spine number (nor was there a spine number on any of the discs inside the box). The new Bergman box does not have a spine number either. So in order to maintain at least some semblance of consistency we either have to include both the AK 25 box and the Bergman box or exclude them both.

I, and a couple of other people, tried to get a discussion going at the unofficial forum to gauge what the prevailing opinion is, but it never caught on. I’ve been torn about whether or not to add them, but I guess we should…?

I wonder how many other Criterion releases will be an exception as well, if we decide to include these two.

Most of the AK 25 movies were released individually as Eclipse series, so they’re already official. I think there was only one title that didn’t get a release (and the name of it escapes me right now, sorry).

The “problem” is that Criterion Collection basically is a family enterprise with several other labels closely related. Janus Films was owned by the parents of the founders of Criterion Collection, who also founded “Home Vision Entertainment”. All three of those have released DVD’s and/or blu-rays and it’s not always clear who’s releasing what. “Essential Art House” was a series of DVD’s released by Criterion to celebrate Janus Films’ 50th Anniversary, but they’re not labeled as Criterion Collection, so they’re not on our list (all but one are either Eclipse or Criterion now, IIRC, only Gille Pontecorvo’s “Kapo” was never re-released). Albert Lamorisse’s “White Mane” and “The Red Balloon” as well as William Mason’s “Paddle to the Sea” were released on DVD and can be found on the Criterion website. Amazon lists them as being “Criterion Collection” but they’re actually not, they’re officially made by Janus Films and have Janus Films markings on the cases and no mentioning of Criterion Collection anywhere.

Is it any wonder we sometimes have to think things over and take a second look? It can quite easily become a big mess.

This illustrates why we should be very hesitant to adopt more distributors-lists.

I’ll stick to “leave the Bergman box off this list”. If we don’t stick with those spine numbers, it’s a precedent for other (future) releases to be added as well.

I just updated Ain’t Nobody’s Blues But My Own.

The owner of TSPDT sent me an updated version as a spreadsheet. He won’t put it on his site, but I’ll make it available on a GoogleDrive.

216 new entries!

I’ve updated:
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Shadow of a Doubt
(both only shown as title cards and not further discussed)
Advise & Consent
(name dropped with only a single still like several other films not on the list)

Added since they were missing:
MGM Studio Tour 1925
and (probably most controversially)
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

I’ve also reordered the list in order of appearance for easier referencing.

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They Shoot Zombies Don’t They has just been updated.