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They’re aware of the problem, and are fixing it. No eta, I assume a couple of hours.


Yes, still down , better luck tomorrow.


This is their latest message posted a few minutes ago:
"The hardware failure this morning corrupted the database on the server running communities on s4, s7, s11, and s15. At this point we have repaired the hardware and are working on restoring both the software and the database. Thanks to a variety of our backup protection measures we currently do not believe there will be data lost. However the process of rebuilding the server and database is unfortunately a slow one. It has forced us to keep communities offline while the work is being completed. We will continue to update you on the progress of this restoration, and again we thank you for your patience. "
So yeah, it’ll probably take a while longer.


Thanks for keeping us updated on this. Annoying, but at least nothing seems to be lost.


Thanks for the heads-up, Peacy. :slight_smile:


Massive outage it seems, hope data is not lost.


We are continuing our work to restore access to the communities affected by yesterday’s outage. The outage itself was caused by an abrupt hardware failure which led to a corrupted database. The defective hardware has been replaced and we’re working to fix the database.

We maintain multiple layers of backup systems in the event of issues like this. However in this case, our primary backup, which would have allowed us to restore access much more quickly, was also unusable.

As a result we’ve had to move to our secondary backup systems. While these are complete backups and will restore all data, they take much longer to bring back online.

We currently have 2 steps remaining in the restoration process. Based on performance in the second to last step we expect that step to finish this afternoon. Once that is done and the final step begins we’ll be able to provide a clearer estimate for full access to be restored.

We understand that this is a difficult experience for your communities and we’re doing everything we can to restore them as quickly as possible. Thank you again for your patience. – update for you guys from zetaboards. looks like it may be awhile longer but they say our data is safe


–We have moved on to the final step. The initial completion estimate is the morning of Wednesday (Eastern Time). I will continue to provide updates throughout the evening as I am able to provide more accurate estimates.-- new message has appeared

–The final step continues to run smoothly. The current completion estimate is around 10AM (Eastern Time).


rbg must be seriously missing that political section :smiley:
hope you have other forums to vent your anger though :slight_smile:


Still not back online? :frowning:


Back online now.


It’s working fine here!


Same issue again??

Error 1001 Ray ID: 315d085981e93732 • 2016-12-23 16:01:31 UTC
DNS resolution error


No, this is a different issue. They did have some server trouble a couple of days ago, but this seems like something different. Even zetaboards support forums are down, so I don’t know what’s up.


Oh, I see, I don’t quite recall what the error code was last time.


Last time there was no error code, because their server died completely with corrupted hard drives. This could be something worse, or it could just be a simple thing that needs resetting, only they can know. Cloudflare errors are meant for the server admin, they don’t really say much to the end user who doesn’t know what is going on with the server.


Looks like it was a "simple thing’ - back online :slight_smile: