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IMDB seems to have switched their approach to the “Indian Movie Conflict.” They recently added a new list of the Top 250 English-language Movies alongside the official Top 250 list and the new Indian Top 250. IMDB has also changed the algorithm for the official Top 250 list to allow more Indian movies in the list.

The English language list has a lot of overlap with the other IMDB lists, obviously. Personally, though, I’m more interested in watching the movies that I haven’t seen from the English list than the new Indian movies on the main Top 250 list. It would be nice if the English-language Top 250 list was added to ICM.


I’ve added the list to ICM:
I will try to keep it updated every couple of weeks.

I’m not a fan of this decision by them, though.


I don’t know what the source is, but this seems like a really cool list:

stuff like Swimming with Sharks, Happiness, Following, Office Space…


I don’t know if Magnolia is underappreciated, but I like any list that gives me so many more official checks. Maybe we could combine this with the 2000’s one?


True, there’s a few of which I wonder why they are set as under appreciated.

And true, some movies should really be in an official list. This would almost be interesting criteria for a new list: movies that are in 0 lists, but should be in one.

Combining with 2000 would also be a good idea. I think there could be a lot more interesting movies on these lists that might deserve more attention.


I would gain only one official check, but it is a cool list. And the one check I’d gain is a movie that I can’t believe isn’t on any official lists: Pleasantville.


Hi guys
Why don’t you create an official list with the winners of the Concha de Oro of the Festival de Cine de San Sebastián?
It’s one of the most important film festivals in Europe…
Many thanks



The Busan International Film Festival has a wealth of awards every year, and is a goldmine for discovering new Asian movies and directors. I’m sure we could do something with this?

Busan International Film Festival - Wikipedia


Support the Busan suggestion 100%.


In my opinion, Busan is still a very young and small festival. The main awards are no more than 20 movies which is not adequate for it to become official (you have to excuse Fespaco on this matter for now). But since we are in the south korean territory I would like to suggest the “Korean Oscar’s” to be adopted or to just replace one of the two existing (and a bit similiar) official south korean lists.±+grand+bell+award±+best+film/ataraxic/

It covers some of the same ground as the current official lists and has movies that aren’t an official check for the pleasure of completists.


It’s a young festival for sure, and if you were to quickly glance over it’s Wikipedia page it might not look like much. However the festival is extremely popular within Asia, and thousands attend the ceremony, which takes place every year in this magnificent purpose-built cantilevered structure (The Busan Cinema Centre). Tarantino was being interviewed the year I went, as it tends to attract more of the foreign press than Korea’s other festivals.

That being said, the movies tend to be more alternative. If you were looking for the most popular Korean movies of the year, which consist of mostly Korean Period dramas or Japanese occupation movies then the Grand Bell awards (Korea Oscars) are the best way to go.


For your consideration:

Noted film historian and London Film Festival director Derek Malcolm has a top 100 film list

It skews towards older films and already highly recognized classics, but it has a few that aren’t on any existing list and it covers a wide range of years, styles, and countries.


I feel that Balkan movies are underrepresented, so I would like to see an official list like this one:


This may be a pretty unpopular idea, but I thought that instead of creating new lists, the IMDB lists could be extended from 50 titles to 100 titles. I am sure some people enjoy the fact that they have 50/50 checks, but I thought it may be an idea to get more checks without creating new lists.


Personally I would love to see the Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 become an official list in the near future.

I think it offers a little bit more of an unorthodox selection and ordering than the typical Reddit 250 or the Roger Ebert one, and includes some lesser known movies, likely only been seen by true cinephiles.


That list is official and has been for years. Perhaps you missed it because of the different name they call it different things in the header and title