List Suggestions


Would love to have this list added:

Famous director Edgar Wright’s list of top 1000 favorite movies.


Confirmation that it’s actually his list:^tfw

I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it’s certainly something to consider.


I’m surprised it hasn’t been made official yet. That list is several hours old by now. :smile:


Oh awesome. I like fighting for more director lists because of how few we have here. We’ll finally have as many as Miscellaneous!


It’s an interesting list from a respected, acclaimed director with a pretty strong following, and I would certainly argue that he’s by no means an “ordinary hack”. Perhaps he’s not to your taste, and that’s fine, but there’s no need to resort to name calling.


I think you’re giving him too much credit. He has directed six features of which only four are well known.
I don’t mind expanding the director-tab with more director-lists, but if that tab looks like this…

  • Martin Scorsese
  • Akira Kurosawa
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Spike Lee
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Edgar Wright
    …something is really off in my opinion. Let’s find lists of some bigger directors.


Well, yeah - he’s English.


I mean, that’s kind of a pretentious argument. Wright, Nolan, Hooper, and Boyle, are inarguably vastly more popular than McQueen, Ramsay, and Arnold. They’re directing different kinds of movies, with different intent, but that doesn’t invalidate them as artists or directors. It can take a great amount of artistry and talent to direct a light action movie - it’s no easy feat, as any number of failed attempts at blockbusters have proven.


This isn’t how it works and you know it. It’d be super cool to have lists from Hitchcock and Bergman and Fellini, but they’re dead and the lists don’t exist.

This is my biggest concern.


There’s a top 10 from Bergman, and also a longer list of his favorite Swedish films (but I don’t think either of them are a good choice for adoption).


Yeah, there lots of top 10s around from the varios sight and sound polls but I don’t think we’d adopt a top 10 list.


I know, but that doesn’t mean a list by Edgar Wright instead is a good idea for adoption. There is a huge spectrum between Hitchcock, Bergman and Fellini on one side and Edgar Wright on the other. I wouldn’t mind adopting a favorites-list (but preferably smaller) from a modern mainstream director, but I’d prefer someone bigger. For example, if there was a top 100 or top 250 from Nolan, it would get my vote.


Plus, there are no women in the mix. Agnes Varda for example is a great lover of cinema for example and we could benefit from a list that mentions all the films included in her film, 101 Nights.


The Edgar Wright list sounds good in theory. There are too many lowbrow films on the list. I wouldn’t complain if the list is eventually adopted, but nor would I care to check out all the titles on it. Some yes, but not all.


The Screening Boredom list is interesting, but the movies start in 1975? Any list about slow cinema that does not have Michelangelo Antonioni isn’t complete.


BBC Culture’s 100 greatest films of the 21st Century


In the comments page about the last set of lists, I mentioned a few other awards lists that I thought should become official. For those who aren’t aware, film festivals that give out awards get accredited by an official film awards regulator, FIAPF.

They currently give accredited status to 15 competitive film festivals, of which Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Locarno already feature on iCM. San Sebastián, Montreal and Mar del Plata all have strong potential to be made official (although Mar del Plata does have a 24 year gap). The other festival awards lists seemed a bit more dodgy or the festivals are not of as high status.

FIAPF also give accredited status to 24 Competitive specialised film festivals, of which none are currently official.
These lists are definitely idiosyncratic, but the Brussels and Sitges awards are from genre festivals that have high enough status to also be considered to be made official.


I think this is a really great list for cult film enthusiasts. It’s not the like the 500 cult films list that tries to list the essential, rather it’s collection of all different bizarre and often forgotten trash gems that spans the worst and the best.

One of my favourite things about ICM is how some entries on these lists and the idea of “checking” make you question what is a film. I believe “Videohound’s” hold’s a legacy towards a VHS culture, and was intented as a reference guide for finding rare videos in the early ages of the internet. The addition of this list would be a great contribution with the idea of watching a video that is collection of horror trailers the same as checking off a straight out movie.


This might be a controversial suggestion, but I would love to see the IMDB Bottom 100 become an official list. It’s a widely-known/infamous list, and it would fit in here since ICM uses many IMDB lists already. Plus, seeking out and watching “bad” movies is a hobby for many, and this list is at the very least a great starting point. There’s a version of the list here but it is out-of-date:


There are some quality mst3k episodes in that list and I would like them to be official but I’m not in favor of it. Other lists with bad films tend to have something going for them. We have schlocky grind house films and weird "what the hell were they thinking " films, but what is the value in that list? What is the significance of The Hottie and the Nottie? I don’t think these films should be rewarded for failing. We do have other IMDb lists and I’m not against adding other lists with bad films, but that one isn’t doing it for me.