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I agree. Official lists should be lists based on a positive qualities “best” “important” “popular” etc. Even if it’s a list of bad movies, it should be the best bad movies, or most entertaining bad movies, etc.

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The list’s value/importance lies in its notoriety. Actually watching these films certainly requires a masochistic impulse, but I don’t think I am the only user here who possesses that trait. Your argument is certainly fair and valid (I can understand why most would not want to subject themselves to these films) but I think that watching films recognized as the absolute worst can allow one to come to a greater understanding of what makes a film “good” in the first place, and allows one to appreciate those qualities even more as a result.

Again, film taste is always a case of objectivity. I love bad movies to death but really don’t understand how Plan 9 From Outer Space could be considered a magnum opus of the genre when their are better worse films around. Interestingly enough much of Plan 9’s success lies towards these worst movie lists, being given the worst movie of all time by The Golden Turkey Awards while it was still largely obscure. While films like Battlefield Earth, Birdemic, Foodfight and even Troll 2 have a lot of success as “so bad they’re good” classics because of the IMDB Bottom 100. Sure there might be films indifferent to this, but when has the IMDB Top 250 been any different? It’s a list based on popularity that fluctuates with time (remember, Babe (1995), a story about a sheep herding pig was #12 at one point on the IMDB Top 250). But that’s what’s interesting about it as a list, it allows people to discover what was once considered “bad” towards what’s considered “so bad it’s good”.

I agree that watching those films makes you appreciate good films and it’s why I wish some of those mst3k episodes were official. I’m glad that the 366 Weird List added Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny because the Rifftrax Live was hilarious. But lists with bad films have reasons for including them. They get included for achieving something like unintentional entertainment value or cultural significance. Films on that list don’t really have to achieve anything. I tried watching a couple of Friedberg/Seltzer movies just to see how bad they were, but I couldn’t even finish them. Maybe future generations that don’t get all of the references will see them as masterpieces of surrealism and I’d love to see a list that included them for that reason. But the imdb list can include a movie for any reason and I don’t think laziness should be a reason to be official.

Top rated Indian movies by IMDb. I feel this is a must for iCM.

Disagree strongly, apart from the numerous Indian movies in the IMDB lists, there are also two lists dedicated to subcontinental film.

Apart from the fact that there are 5 AFI list not including the continues bias of having american and european film critics have their own list, maybe more a diverse and inclusive list would be good. I’d like to see more inclusion of diverse film critics have there own list (if there are any available that is). Another Bollywood list wouldn’t be that bad (considering we have the box office list still official even though it is measured in such a useless fashion in this state of economy).

I wanted us to ignore the source for the box office list and up the minimum to 250 or 300 million, but we got a negative response to that. We can’t please everyone and that’s just something we have to accept.

The “Top 100 Bollywood Films” is an old static list compiled in 2003. And it covers only Hindi movies whereas the imdb list is dynamic and covers all Indian movies. Bollywood is a term applied only to Hindi movies. We speak hundreds of languages in India and any we need as many lists as possible to understand our rich movie diversity.

I don’t mind finding a different Indian list that is more recent and maybe updates regularly. However, I don’t think a list simply based on IMDb-ratings is a good solution. I’d prefer a list based on a poll among critics or something like that.

Btw, is this Indian-IMDb-list simply an advanced title-search on movies from India sorted by rating?


This is an official imdb list available on the website as such. They have criterion just like the Top 250. I find this list probably better than the critics list because this includes all Indian movies of all languages.

This list has films of all languages:

[quote=“joachimt, post:55, topic:285”]
Btw, is this Indian-IMDb-list simply an advanced title-search on movies from India sorted by rating?
[/quote]No, it uses the weighting and removal of non-regular voters just like the Top 250

The National Film archive is a great list. But it’s more than 20 years old and doesn’t include the newer movies. The imdb list is quite biased towards the newer movies since there’s a minimum vote cutoff. I love dynamic lists as it provides a running challenge :slight_smile:

Before we add another Indian list lets think about all the countries that don’t have lists? Also the whole of Africa has a list half the size of one of the Indian lists?

Agreed. It might be about time to get a mexican or argentinian list. Even though there are two latin lists, it’s somewhat unflattering to group such large film industries into one list.

We need more lists from countries and cultures that are under-represented. But why should we add an Indian list only after adding African and Latin American lists? We can add all lists without any bias or favour. I suggested a list I found useful. Everyone can suggest lists instead of finding flimsy reasons to put down my recommendation.

You’ll notice I already suggested some lists? Also an IMDB list of Indian films is a terrible idea, we already have too many IMDB lists.

But we have too few Indian lists.

The last thing ICM needs is more indian lists being official. The two that are official now is more than enough. Very few movies coming out of India are being universally praised either by critics or people; in most cases it is just indians and a select few others who enjoy watching them.

[quote=“NuclearPlanet, post:60, topic:285”] It might be about time to get a mexican or argentinian list.

For Mexico, we have the Ariel list. Not a lot of people seem to be working on this list. However, I checked out a couple of films on that list recently and am working toward a Bronze. Even having libraries that have lots of Spanish language titles, they don’t have a lot of the titles, even though they are critically acclaimed. Another Mexican list might be a bit much.