iCheckMovies vNext feedback


Option 2 for me, I don’t see much sense in breaking up film info in two sections that have different styles. Better keep everything in the same pack.


I like option 2.

Love the new design by the way, looking forward to it going fully live. Thanks for all the hard work.


I prefer 1 but I’m also OK with the new 3. If you do reconsider two, since some people seem to like that, can you rearrange the elements so the description is below the director/genre lines, and maybe also below the stats line?


I also prefer 1 or 3. Option 2 feels a lot more cluttered. I’d like to go for a clean look, much like the current live version.


Option 1 or 3b are my preferences. Perhaps 3b since the text is slightly bigger and easier to read. Option 2 is too cluttered, and trying to read the white text on a background image is hard on the eyes, especially if the image itself will be light-coloured.


Other question: What are some nice and useful extra stats to show on the detail page of a movie?


Almost finished with movie detail page

  • All official lists will be shown. There won’t be an ‘expand list’ button. If a movie is not in an official list, regular lists will be shown to a max of 25.
  • Friends that’ve seen the movie are shown again
  • Similar movies will be shown, but not in the first version (need to build some backend stuff for that first)
  • I’ve asked if you guys can think of some cool extra stats to show (see post above this one). These stats will get their own section (More statistics or something) below the comments.
  • The poster and menu options will move down with you when you scroll down


Bigger poster picture is very good idea. I also like imdb rating explicitly given, but also I would keep the link to go to imdb.com separately elsewhere, as clicking on it is not intuitive.

Is it possible to make “In official top lists” more compact? [smaller icons, less vertical space]. In this case it look ok but what about case with 20 entries? It will be extremely to comprehend it.

In the upper part of the page we are wasting some space between the top bar and the poster. Only thing I can think of is shifting poster and movie description up. On the other hand the description is not well visible then… and this poster <-> description configuration form version 3 looks quite cool.

Good luck with further improvements. Thanks for all the efforts!


It would be interesting to calculate the lower bound of the Binomial confidence intervals, i.e. The minimum probability of picking x vs. picking y. It’s a more informative statistic than a simple ratio.

Three confidence intervals could be calculated: favs vs. dislikes, fav’s vs neither thumb option, and dislikes vs neither thumb option. Though the first one is the most interesting.

The formula is:
((positive + 1.9208) / (positive + negative) - 1.96 * SQRT((positive * negative) / (positive + negative) + 0.9604) / (positive + negative)) / (1 + 3.8416 / (positive + negative))

It would also be interesting to know the average rate of checking over the past week and year.


Great suggestions! My math is not that good, but these confidence intervals sound very interesting. How did you get to this formula? And more specifically, how did you come up with these numbers/constants you use in it?


This site http://www.evanmiller.org/how-not-to-sort-by-average-rating.html explains the concept well with a couple of examples.

The numbers come from the values implied by the Standard Normal Distribution curve when you want to have 95% confidence in the boundaries (95% is the measure generally used by scientists, since nothing will ever have 100% confidence).

The formula was devised by the mathematician Edwin Bidwell Wilson in 1927.


Ah, this clarifies it a lot. This really is a better way to calculate the fav/dislikes thing. Awesome! We can maybe also use this for determining the top comments on a movie


Would it be at all possible to show which friends have favorited (not just checked) a movie? Actually I would imagine this piece of information would be more useful than simply checked… something similar to Just Kumpels on Criticker whereby with a single click you can see ratings from your “kumpels” i.e. people you have favorited.


I would also like a measure of how polarising a movie is, as done in this list:
which uses the formula: (favorites * dislikes) / (checks^2)


since this hasn’t changed, asked for help on the other forum - Peaceful suggested trying a different browser.

So I can’t process friend requests using Chrome, however IE 11 worked.


I second bal3x’s suggestion. I’d like to know which friends have favorited a movie.

Also I still think user-submitted similar-movie recommendations would be useful (“if you like X, you might like Y”). 3 popular anime websites have this feature.


Prefer option 2 (perhaps with some tweaks, what if the other direct information was put below a.k.a and plot below that (above numbers of checks etc))

reason beeing that atleast to me it looks like the plot is just hanging inbetween in the other options, nothing really distinguishes it as part of information about the movie in 1 or 3 imo


Where’s the button “checks” where you can see every member that checked certain movie? I see the number of people who checked the movie but i can’t see WHO checked it (isn’t that important to catch cheaters?)


It’s not there now, but supposedly you’ll be able to use the activity feed and filter it for checks.


Correct! You’ll be able to filter the activity for checks, favorites and more