iCheckMovies vNext feedback

In the meantime there have been a lot of updates on the beta:


  • Small layout fixes on movie pages
  • Add movie page now correctly reports if a movie is already on iCheckMovies
  • Use tabs to quickly switch between checked/unchecked/watchlist/etc on overview page
  • Add option to change the check date of a movie (premium users only)
  • Added some more statistics to movie page (still need to add more)


  • Add list overview page
  • Add list detail page
  • Add check progress to list page
  • Add checks to next award to list page (premium users only)
  • Use tabs to quickly switch between checked/unchecked/new on list page
  • Option to select which version of a list you want to see (premium only)
  • Add comments page to lists
  • Add list info edit page (movies is not working yet)
  • New, lower rank and higher rank counts of a list update are now correct


  • A lot of small layout fixes/improvements
  • Recalculate official list check count for users after list update
  • Recalculate official list count for movies after list update
  • Created a better way to track exceptions that occur on the site
  • Update to new IMDb URL’s for decade and genre lists to make the lists less volatile

I plan on posting a monthly-ish update here on my progress.
Please check out the beta (https://beta.icheckmovies.com/movies) and report your findings here :slight_smile:

Note: Pages that have not been finished on the beta redirect to the current live version.


The watchlist-tab shows a movie for me, that’s not on my watchlist.

The rest of my watchlist on the beta matches my watchlist on the live version.

Are you sure this movie isn’t on your watchlist? Is there ‘Remove from watchlist’ in the context menu?

The beta doesn’t hide checked movies yet, so that might be the issue.

There is “Remove from watchlist” in the menu.

On the live version I don’t see it on my watchlist. Does it automatically hide checked movies

On the movie page on the live version, the plus symbol isn’t highlighted.

Ok, the beta uses a different way of storing movies in your watchlist. Normally those two methods should be in sync, but somehow they got out of sync. No problem, just remove the one on the beta and it’ll be fine.

Under the three dots I found “remove from watchlist”. Now it’s gone.

My “monthly-ish” update on the beta is a bit late, but better late than never :wink:

List progress
I’ve added the list progress page. There are a few things different from the current version (design changes aside).

  • There is a new tab “Followed” for premium members, which contains the official lists you follow. So by using the follow option, you can create your own list progress tab.
  • Sort by completion has been added, also for premium members.
  • The progress page has been made a first class citizen by moving it to the /progress url instead of /profiles/progress. This has been done in preparation of the new dashboard page that is coming.


  • Add option to report comments for different reasons (spam, offensive content, etc). The backend functionality is not yet completed.


  • Fixed a bug where counts on the beta differ from counts on live (note: there could be a delay)
  • Fixed a bug where the comment input form would not always show for logged in users
  • Fixed a bug where the links to list detail pages where broken for lists with quotes in the name

The next update will include the new list editing page.

And again, please check out the beta (https://beta.icheckmovies.com/movies ) and report your findings here :slight_smile:

I love the “followed” option for lists! :heart_eyes:

Progress page looks good. The default seems a bit big to me, scaling it down to 80% or 90% in firefox looks better for me. The layout accounts well for that, so it’s not a huge problem if you think this default is best.

The left/right sorting is a nice way to solve the single column collapsing issues you had before. One thing about alpha sorting is it sorts lowercase after last. it goes 0-9-A-Z-a-z. I think if you can make it ignore case that would be better.

Is there a delay? The number were the same for me when I read this post an hour ago. But I just checked a movie (in the live version) and my checkcount only went up in the live version, but not in the beta (although the movie is checked there as well).

Yes, there is a delay somewhere between a minute and an hour.

Will fix that tomorrow

-edit: Fixed it. Is it better like this?

Nice. It’s not as compact as the current version, but I think it still displays nicely and crisply. I’m not a fan of the left-right sorting, but I think it’s just something that will take me some time to get used to.

The followed tab is something I might start using. I always unwatchlisted lists when they became official because it was easy to find them in the progress tab, but now I can use it to separate out those lists that I’m really interested in/actively working on (mind you, icm enhanced currently does this for me).

Regardless, thank you for all your work on this site :slight_smile:

Oh, and some of the list icons aren’t loading for me in beta (Australia, Martial Arts, and half of the BFI lists, for example).


It’s a bit different but, besides being easier on the technical side, it’s actually a bit easier to use once you get used to it.

If you go to the film pages you’ll see the icons are actually much bigger than on the live version, because it’s using the original vector graphics for them. I think for some of them Marijn is still working on converting/upscaling the graphics.

Will this result in more than just a separate tab on the progress page? Will you add notifications when something happens with a list you follow (like updates and comments)?
Would be great to follow movies as well and get notifications when a comment is being made.
(this has been brought up before, sorry if you already responded to this point and I simply forgot)

Exactly :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s the idea. You’ll get updated on list updates and maybe comments. Not sure if people will appreciate getting notified with every comment made on a list. I might implement replying to comments and then it would make more sense to notify someone of a reaction to their comment.

There are not a lot of comments made on lists, so that wouldn’t be a problem. Comments on movies is another story. Some people wouldn’t be interested, but I know lots of people would be really really interested to get a notification once a comment is made on a movie-page. When you would implement following movies, I would follow every rarity that I can’t get my hands on. Once someone posts about availability, I would be notified immediately. Wonderful!

There are even titles where I want to be notified when someone checks it. But maybe that’s stretching it a bit too far.

I haven’t been following the beta version closely and I recently checked in and I have to say I loved it! It looks fantastic and has improved so much since the last time I saw it. Because I haven’t been paying close attention, I apologize if what I have to say is redundant…

I agree 100% with this:

I also agree completely with this:

I have two suggestions of my own:

  1. It personally helps me to see a.k.a. titles alongside the original titles in compact view. I’d love to see this feature of the old version in the new version.

  2. Maybe I’m just used to the old version, but I would prefer to see checked movies with a darker background color than unchecked movies – this is for a couple reasons: 1) I’ve seen the movie so darkening seems more like the equivalent of crossing something off a list, and 2) with a brighter background, the contrast between text and background is higher so they stand out more. So in the new version, when I scan a list, my eye passes over the unchecked movies and goes to the checked ones. Instead, I’d rather my eye pass over the checked movies and go to the unchecked movies. TL;DR I’d rather checked movies have a darker gray background.

Just because I’m paranoid I’m not explaining myself well enough:

Here my eyes go straight to the movies I haven’t seen - Toni Erdmann, Under the Shadow, etc. Even without the checkboxes to the right, I intuitively think La La Land, Moonlight, etc are “filled in”.

Here my eyes go to La La Land, Moonlight, and Ah-ga-ssi (here’s a place where “a.k.a. The Handmaiden” would really help me, by the way), and the lower contrast between text and background makes me think I don’t need to pay attention to Toni Erdmann or Under the Shadow, etc.