iCheckMovies vNext feedback


Okay, just some general feedback about some pages being in v2 and some in v3 - UGH! :anguished: This is annoying! mostly since there’s just no rhyme or reason from the user’s viewpoint.

Case in point. I tried to update my settings and kept getting “Whoops! Your form session has expired. Please submit the form again.” I thought I took too long doing my edits and could believe the error message so I resubmitted, then close/reopened that page and tried again, like four times! But this is another time when we need to go to the new design to do what we want to do, but, of course, we can only see the changes in the old design.

Likewise, I can’t check movies in the new design and right now can’t remember if can comment in new but not old, vice versa, or some other way around. At least I can go to the movie page in the new site, click it, open IMDb and then the various official toplists pages, etc.

I don’t mind test driving pages, but it seems like 1) pages should work sequentially and 2) if that’s not possible, rather than the “This page has not yet been ported to our new design!” message, it would be more useful to revert back to the v2 page rather than expecting to user to know when and what page from which version of the site are now working (but won’t be in a couple of days).

Again, don’t mind helping with beta testing, just would like to know what is being tested when and how (in other words, what has been made to NOT work on the v2 site).



When is this going to be fixed? Right now I cannot even get the old 2.0 view back… this is one of the key features I use and it’s very annoying not being able to see what films from a particular director you have checked. Thanks!


Can you explain what exactly the issue is here? Have you seen these movies? I can see what movies I’ve checked correctly in those views.

I do have an issue with the site taking the credited name as the director name, so that
and https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/?tags=director%3Aalejandro%2Bg.%2Binarritu are separate when they should be one big list since the director is the same, but that’s a separate issue than what you seem to be describing.


The main issue is that when I click on a director in 2.0 I get a complete list of films I’ve checked from the director. This is not possible on 3.0 since the checked filter is not working properly, this has been pointed out by joachim earlier on this or another thread. The issue you mention is another one - the tags are apparently messed up or not registering the special characters for non-English titles, I’m not sure what that is, but this feature is unusable as it is now. Another example now:

Go to https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/12+angry+men/
click the director you will get:
now filter “checked” and you get a list of all your checked films (director filter is gone):
so the only way I can see checked films from Lumet is to manually copy “director:‘sidney lumet’” and paste it into the field… this is not how it should work.


OK this makes sense, and I agree it’s frustrating. I ran into the same issue. It just wasn’t clear that this was your issue from posting three screenshots.


Yeah, sorry about the confusing screens, I should have been clearer there. Hope Marijn can take care of this very annoying bug.


Yeah, I’m on it.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:

Initially I thought it would be logical to have the checked, unchecked, etc clear all filters, as they are separate pages. Now I know that wasn’t the best choice, so I’ll be changing that.


LOL, many thanks Marijn!:+1:


One of my most use views of a list page is the Unchecked filter. I use it to find the movies I still need to watch from a list quickly without the need for excess scrolling, or loading more than 50 of a list.

As far as I can see this is missing from the new design. Or am I just blind?

I expected to find the button next to blue Movies above the list, similar to the location of the button on the old design.


It’s still there, but it’s in the filter bar now


forgive if this is a repeat - none of the formatting buttons, especially the one to add a clickable URL, are working with comments (for a movie’s page - haven’t tried commenting on lists or elsewhere in v3).

It would also be nice to be able to comment from a film’s info page instead of first needing to click to view all comments.


sure glad that search is offering suggested titles again! Thanks! :slight_smile:


What do you mean?


the search box in the upper right corner only started offering dropdown suggestions for me this past week (though it had worked much earlier on in the testing - well before new pages were being substituted for v2 pages)


IMDB rating is no longer included on a movie’s page?


okay, now I’m not getting suggested titles from the search input in the upper right and corner - could it be just on a page after completing a search? yes, that seems to be the issue and probably the one that I thought meant no suggestions were generating for that search input

So here’s what happened: I completed a search for “Jeepers Creepers” in v3. Then I typed in “Io non ho paura” in the search input on the page of results for “Jeepers Creepers” - no suggested titles in a drop down. However, if I open up the page for “Jeepers Creepers” and enter “Io non ho paura” a drop down of suggested titles is offered.

The problem seems to be the functionality on search results pages. I’ll note it here if I encounter it elsewhere.


I like the ability to take notes on films in the old design. I wish this feature will come back in v3.


Oh, I also liked the feature to see which friends saw that movie already.


Any news on this please? Or at least could you revert v3 to v2 for this function (until it’s ready to go live) since I cannot see what movies I checked from a specific director, very frustrating. And something has been changed further since I can see checked by manually copying the director tag into the search field, but when unchecked is selected it goes to all films unchecked…


when search in v3 yields no results we get the usual link to add a movie to the db - the link forwards to https://www.icheckmovies.com/import/movies/ but results in the error message “Error! Your form session has expired. Please submit the form again.” Resubmitting does no good, but changing the url to https://beta.icheckmovies.com/import/movies/ (BETA not www) works fine. Both urls deliver similar pages in the new design.