iCheckMovies vNext feedback


Visually I like it, though exact counts and list ranks are the most important thing to me, but it looks good. I like the various visual cues for progress.


Well, here’s version 2:


Only the number in the award cutoffs is still missing. I’ll add those later.


Yeah that looks really nice. I like the progress showing on the award medals.


That looks really nice, similar amount of information as the current but feels fresher. Awesome!


I like it in general, but I was wondering if perhaps it wouldn’t be possible to “simplify” the whole pie chart area.

You could cut it down to one pie chart that then changed color depending on what your next award would be (0-50% bronze colored, etc). If the difference in color between bronze/gold and silver/plat is made great enough, I think that would convey the same information but in a quarter of the space. Or is there something I’m missing, some way of using the pie charts that I’m not cognizant of? I don’t know how difficult it would be to do on the technical side either, there’s no need to make a big change in the code just for that.

And then you could perhaps also do the idea of adding little “ticks” on the horizontal line to mark the award levels that sortile9io just mentioned on the forum?


When the numbers are there each pie chart has the number of films needed to get to it. It’s nice to know how many films to gold even if you still need silver in between, for example.

The ticks for the progress bar wouldn’t take any space, so I think that’s a good idea if it’s not too hard to implement.


True, that is nice, I hadn’t thought of that.


Sort by completion :slight_smile:


How is this? Too crowded?


And what style do you prefer?


What do you think of this one?


Looks great to me!


I’ve also been working on our search engine. Updating the indexes took too long, so I had to do something about that. And as always, once you start, there’s always a lot more to fix. I’ve changed the ranking algorithm to make sure exact matches are ranked higher (and a number of other fixes). You can check it out on the beta.

Please let me know if the search is a bit better now.


So, if we’ve reported something on the unofficial forum, does anyone want it reposted here? :innocent:


Unless you have a craving to do double work, I don’t think that’s necessary.


Cheers to that, I found search to be ICM’s weakest link for some time


Best practice is to not include them on the production environment, but I’ll take a look…


Some people don’t do it in fear of stealing the code, but I don’t care about that. For me a sourcemap is more a development tool, so that’s why I don’t add them to production by default. Furthermore I don’t think adding a sourcemap helps you, because the JS code is written in typescript and that’s what the sourcemaps reference if I remember correctly. And the typescript code is also not on the production environment.

Ah yes, that’s a small bug I need to fix. Thanks for reminding me :wink:


It sure is! :smiley:


PLEASE incorporate the cross-reference feature from icheckmovies enhanced. It’s the best feature on the site. The best thing would be to make the new site and the script compatible, there are so many great features in that script.