iCheckMovies vNext feedback


What is y? The highest? The lowest? The previous?


The highest


How about separate entry for the highest number of official lists a film has been on? I think a statistics part of a movie detail page should ideally have a minimum of text and a maximum of numbers.
Not a big deal, though, just a suggestion. And it’s interesting information anyhow.

Also nice, but also tricky (because spoilers) to have a plot line. I think it’s basically a nice detail, but all depends on the execution of course. Where do you get those summaries?


I just got another idea. How hard would it be to import (primary?) ‘country of production’ tags from IMDb? Would make it a lot easier to filter our checks without directly having to use IMDb.


@Marijn: You mentioned somewhere that you will add the possibility to edit the check-date of a movie, even in the past before iCM existed. Is it possible to make it so that the check-date will be set according to the rating-date in an IMDb-csv when you import that to iCM? I like the idea of having correct check-dates, but I don’t want to go through all the titles I’ve imported at the start of my iCM-life to edit those dates. When an import of my IMDb-ratings can do the trick, it’s mostly correct for me (and probably a lot of users).


Yes, that’s already on the TODO list :slight_smile:


@Marijn? Any idea if this would be an option?


It could be done, yes. I’ll add it as a feature idea. Once iCM vNext is online, I’m planning on asking what to work on via a monthly poll or something. This could be one of the entries in that poll.


As can be seen below, there is no obvious way to search for movies in the beta mode, although the search box used to be clearly displayed until recently. Where is the search box in the example below?


I did find a search box at the very bottom of the “hamburger” menu (the three parallel horizontal lines), but I couldn’t actually get a search to succeed from there.


There is a searchbox if your window is bigger.

The way you see it is the same as how I see it when I make my window smaller. Then you can find the searchbox and other menu items by clicking on the three lines at the right top. The searchbox is at the bottom after that. I think it should be on top, though.

When your window is big enough the searchbox is at the right top.


Joachimt: Thanks, I tried zooming my browser window to 90%, and the searchbox showed up then.

Still, I think this should be considered a bug, because major functions such as the search box should not disappear altogether due to the browser window size. I couldn’t even scroll to where the search box was when I first tried this.

If you compare, say, the main page of IMDb.com, you can zoom your window to as much as 500% and none of the functions of the page will disappear completely. You would have to use the scroll bars to view the other content and functions, but they wouldn’t have disappeared altogether.


I agree that the searchbox should show up even on a smaller window, it shouldn’t collapse along with the headers (I don’t think it should collapse at all, really).

As for search not succeeding, the search page doesn’t work in the beta. The search engine works, but only as a pull down menu, you can’t see all results, so if your result is not in the first few entries it won’t work.


Another problem with the beta: If you try to add a film that is already in the database, because you couldn’t find it in the search engine, you will get a message that the film has been added to the queue. You used to get a message that the film was already in iCheckMovies with a link to it, so that you could go ahead and check it.

I just tested this with https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110912/ and got the usual message that the film had been added to the queue. That message shouldn’t have appeared since the film already has 118,000 checks.

Despite the problems with the beta, I still prefer to use it compared to regular ICM, because on regular ICM, attempting to check a film often doesn’t get the check to register. By contrast, on beta, attempting to check a film usually does register the check.


Oh no, @Marijn, please fix this asap. This will create tons of annoyances for people who often create lists that include rare titles. If this feature doesn’t tell you which titles are already in the database, it’s nearly impossible to find out which titles are new and which not (if you’re adding/editing long lists like I do multiple times a month).


I’ll look into it asap


Hey! I’d really like to see my progress on a list, when I’m viewing that list as opposed to only seeing it in the “Progress” tab on my profile.

That is: to see if and what award I have for that list and maybe how many more for the next award.


I hoped you’d gotten around to it by now. I just made a new list (for the documentary-poll of icmforum) and tried to add 2312 titles to the list using “By IMDb Movie URL(s)”-tab. I get the Whoops-message. When I go to the page to import new movies and paste all the 2312 titles, it says it added all those titles to the import queue. Usually it said which titles were already on iCM and which were added. Now there’s no way for me to find out which of the 2312 titles is not on iCM yet. I also can’t add the titles to the list, because that mostly takes a lot of days before you can add new titles. So I’m stuck.


I’ve fixed it on my development version. Just have to do some styling and it’s ready to deploy. Probably somewhere this evening.


Yes, that will be added!

Checks till next award is a premium feature by the way.


@joachimt: It’s live in the beta.