iCheckMovies vNext feedback


You can:


Looks really great! :slight_smile: Cheers!


Looks like the signatures have not been updated for the new lists?


This is something that has confused me time and time again. For some reason, with the way my mind works, I always just assume it is showing me the check/favorite/dislike status of the user I am looking at since I am looking at their checked movies page before I again realize what’s going on.

I would definitely prefer it actually were. When I see a friend has checked a movie I generally want to know if he really liked it or hated it and I have to go back to his profile and open his favorites or disliked list just to find out.

Plus I generally already know if I have seen, favorited, or disliked a movie. And even if I didn’t, I could click the movie to find out easily enough which is much easier than constantly cross-referencing lists.

In any case, the biggest issue is it is ambiguous. Even if it remains based on yourself, it should be made more clear it is doing so…somehow.


Last few days unchecked movies were displayed with additional info (like all movies are displayed now). It was cool. Why is it returned back?


Yes, I was testing this and gathering data. Unfortunately it’s not finished yet. It will be back once it is :slight_smile:


I get noncompleted page when I click on movies with dot in title. It happens only with this new format


Can you post an example?


You can try it with link https://beta.icheckmovies.com/movies/unchecked/?filter=year%3A1922 and click on Dr. Jack (1922). I’m getting https://beta.icheckmovies.com/about/notcompleted/

Btw it’s not possible to add a movie to watchlist or check it as well. I have to go to a movie page to do it.


The check and watchlist buttons should be working again. I’m looking into the ‘movies with dots in title’ issue.

The ‘dot in title’ example you’ve posted seems to be working for me


But unfortunately still don’t work for me. The same result for every movie with dot in the middle of the tittle. It works fine when dot in the end like in Lichtspiel Opus 1. (1921)


The “Recommended movies” page in Beta has changed behaviour, maybe it is a bug: Since April, movies that I check from the list of recommended movies do no longer disappear, but stay on the list and appear checked.

For me that’s the case for “Dog Day Afternoon” and “Barry Lyndon”.


Just reposting some discussion from the Unofficial Forum where we were discussing the brief changes yesterday:

The Official lists need to have priority over the Stats and the User Comments. When I compress the page they should be at the top, not the bottom. And there’s a lot of unnecessary text and wasted space as well. The User Comments are the least interesting aspect of the page to me.

New design vs current design.

The current design packs almost twice as much information into the same space. Couldn’t we have a happy medium like this:

There’s no need to say “MOVIES · AT” on each line as it’s self explanatory and distracts from the rest of the information.


I just stumbled upon a mayor issue: I can’t see who added a personal list. That is really very annoying, as I use that as a guide to see who values a film. But now for the first list in the screenshot, for instance, I have no idea who made it.
Would it be very complicated to add user information?


It’s already in, but not yet live on the beta :slight_smile:


What are some good stats to show on an movie detail page?


Maybe a check rate graph/table. i.e this film has been checked x times in the last month/three months/six months/year/etc
A chart of fav/check ratio over time.

Most of the stats I want are user based for the profile page, so I’ll have plenty of suggestions when you get to that.


Preview of the new movie detail page (editing of check date included):



Not necessary to mention that again. It is already displayed on the right top where the official lists are listed.

This is interesting info for some, but not for all titles. A lot of lists are ranked alphabetically or chronological. For example, it doesn’t give any meaningful info that the highest rank ever of L’arrivée d’un train à La Ciotat is #1 (it’s the oldest title on the Rosenbaum list).


When a movie has been in more lists in the past, it says:

And when a movie has not been in an official list it says:

I might remove this line when a list hasn’t been in more lists than it’s currently in.

For now it’s there to fill the space, because there will be some graphs to the right side of this.