iCheckMovies vNext feedback


Another peek:


Great to quickly see which friends favorited a movie. :+1:


It looks great. How soon before this new design goes live?


No ETA yet, sorry!


Where’s the screenshot coming from? On the Blade Runner page


It’s from the new version we’re working on. Why?


Dislikes are shown also


Preview of movies in a list:

Another one:


And the “compact” view:


Show media type if it’s not a movie:


I see in 2.0 those episodes have the “movie”-tag. Is this episode-tag completely new?


Well, it’s kinda new (not entirely). We already had this data (media type) in the database, but it was never shown. It’s definitely not a tag, because we no longer have tags in the new version.

Unfortunately, I’ve already noticed that there are a lot of entries that have an incorrect media type. Don’t know how that happened, but this can be easily fixed by updating the info.


I already expect some die-hard users posting long lists of TV-episodes that should be updated. Could become a lot of work. :persevere:
I don’t mind. I’ll do the clicking.


I’m thinking of a way to automate this, so maybe you don’t have to :wink:


Great to see all this progress. I’d volunteer for beta tester, maybe you can pick a few users that you switch to beta by default so you get more “live” feedback from actual usage? I’m not afraid of breaking things :wink:


We will do that, when this version is a little bit more polished.

Great! I’ll keep that in mind.



As you can see below, we support multiple filters of the same type now! :slight_smile:

All movies with year 1950 or 1960 and genre drama:

All movies of director Alfred Hitchcock or Clint Eastwood:



Should the action buttons be based on you or the user you’re viewing when you’re looking at their checks/favorites/disliked/etc?

For example: When viewing someone else’s checked movies, should the check button be always checked and disabled, or should it be based on if you’ve seen the movie?


I would prefer based on me. When I’m going through the favs or checks of a friend, I would like to see which of his favs/checks I haven’t seen.


My main concern would be to easily view on the movie page which of the friends have seen the film.