Final poll: Lists that should be official: votes due September 9


Which lists do you think should be official? The lists that received the highest number of votes have been compiled into a final ballot.

How to vote:

  1. If you have Excel, download the Excel spreadsheet (click the down arrow button). Otherwise download the Google spreadsheet as an ods or csv file (click File, Download as).
  2. In the leftmost column, rate every list on a scale from -1 to 4 (see the rating scale below).
  3. Email the spreadsheet to Mention your iCM username in the email.
  4. Post in this thread to say that you voted.

If you want to view the iCM lists before voting, a webpage with links is available.

Rating Scale:
4: I very much want this list to be official.
3: I somewhat want this list to be official.
2: This list should be official, but I don’t feel strongly about it.
1: I wouldn’t mind this being official but I don’t care.
0: This list should not be official, but I don’t feel strongly about it.
-1: I’m strongly against this list being official.

If you do not care about a list, you may give it a 0 or 1.


I voted!




i voted








Ballot sent.


Voted! A great collection of lists (with only a couple of stinkers), had to give out twelve 4s and four 3s.


By the way, I still think if the Danish list gets adopted, it should really be accompanied by this list, which is sadly missing from the ballot but covers the missing area of post 2000:


Finding it a bit difficult to differentiate between levels 3 and 2 - they seem the same to me, but it’s especially confusing since 3 says “somewhat” and 2 says “should”. Anyway, I’ve ended up just ignoring 2.


Ballot sent.






I voted.


2 is for things like “this is a really strong musical list and the site should have a muaical list like this, but I hate musicals so don’t really care personally”
3 is for “it’s not the best list but it’s good and I like it/the subject/etc”
1 is for “this list is fine, no objections, but it doesn’t appeal to me”


I can confirm I’ve received ballots from the 13 people who have posted so far (and two others who I will verify later by PM if they don’t post)
I haven’t checked the ballots, and probably won’t for a few days, if there are any issues I’ll email you.




voted !


Voted (text, not spreadsheet) Had to give out one 4s and one 3s.