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#227 This should be 143 minutes. This is the length of the restored version by the F. W. Murnau foundation. This is most probably the most widespread version, and definitely the most complete one.


It updated to 100 min. Imdb is really bad with films that have a bunchof runtimes like that.


What do you mean “it update to 100 min” ? Do you have to stick to the imdb value?

I applied for an update at imdb as well, if it works I will nudge you here as well.

Actually, imdb just updated it to 143 minutes, I had the 97 minutes version deleted.


Yes, updates stick to the imdb value. It would be way too much work to have to manually audit things.

If you get imdb to change which of those half dozen runtimes it considers the default I’ll give updating it another shot.


Well, I just go them to change it :slight_smile: it’s now 143 minutes at imdb. Please update.


When I open imdb not logged in shows as 100 minutes(1hr, 40 min), so it’s not updated publicly. I pressed the update button and it didn’t do anything. I can give it another shot tomorrow I guess.


Not sure whether that will help. It has now those specifications:

2 hr 20 min (140 min) (Canada)
1 hr 37 min (97 min) (Germany)
1 hr 40 min (100 min) (USA)
2 hr 23 min (143 min) (restored integral) (Germany)
2 hr 38 min (158 min) (Belgian Filmmuseum, Brussels) (Belgium)

I am in located in Germany, it showed to me the 97 min version before, now it shows the 143 version. Possibly it will always show the USA version outside of Germany. Or?


Could be, imdb is very messy with runtimes for films with multiple cuts. By their rules there’s supposed to always be a default runtime and country runtimes are only supposed to exist when they differ from the default, but it doesn’t seem like it has a default so it defaults to USA even though it’s a German film because ??? I submitted a default runtime, we’ll see.


The films by Walter Ruttmann are scattered about several directors’ names: Walther Ruttmann, Ruttmann, Walter Ruttmann. Films that need correction are:

The director should always be Walter Ruttmann (, without the ‘h’ after the ‘t’


Updated. Changes should show up in a short while.




Bat-year changed


Perhaps this should be called just “2048: Nowhere to Run” like it is on IMDb?


Yup, it’s done.


IMDb has “Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi” as the title.