Duplicate pages for the same movie


That one is on my to-do-list, Sander, together with more than 1100 others. Recently someone imported a wrong IMDb-csv to start on iCM. Unfortunately, that didn’t result in him checking the existing pages on iCM, but instead for all his 1157 IMDb-ratings a duplicate page on iCM was created. We’re looking into it.



Dupe removed.







Alibaba is a dupe on IMDb. You have to fix it there. Otherwise, I can’t fix it.

Rest is done.




Removed. Thanks



That one is on my to-do-list.

For now, if you find a dupe that is checked by StegSchreck, there’s no need to report it. I’ve got a list of 1131 dupes to fix. All dupes checked by StegSchreck are on that list. We’re trying to find a way to batch-fix it.






Trouble in Paradise is done


https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/the+hunt+for+red+october-1990/ duplicate


That’s another one by StegSchreck (see a few posts above). On my to-do-list, but I have to wait till Marijn fixes the issues this Wednesday. After that, I’ve got about 270 duplicates that still need fixing.





Duplicate fixer currently down. I’ve put it on my to-do-list.


All those dupes mentioned earlier are fixed. You can post dupes again if you find them.
Also fixed the last one posted by jlfitz.