Duplicate pages for the same movie


Done. I don’t know why movies with no checks have triplicates.






coming to think about it, is this really a good solution to handle duplicates with ?

the origin of the problem is imdb’s (for whatever reason) random updates to their id’s meaning there’s a possibility to import duplicates whenever id’s update on imdb.

it could just be prevented in the first place by matching titles on import -> and other fields if titles match, and just run the already existing fieldupdate method (assuming it’s done this way) to the old entry to see if it is indeed a duplicate.


I guess there are two ways duplicates show up:

  1. imdb updates, someone imports new id, old one remains in the system
  2. someone imports an old outdated id.

2 could be automated by seeing if the import redirects and taking the new url. The site has to query the page anyway, so it’s not extra load, just compare imported id with page id, if they match no problem, if they don’t check the new one for an existing entry. (I don’t know if the site already does this).

1 would require something like what you suggest but I’m not sure how much database effort it would be to title match on import, plus it won’t catch cases where the title/year/runtime info changes in the meantime (because the fieldupdate won’t update redirected urls, though I guess that could be a trigger in itself).

It’s probably something to have on a to-do list, but I imagine it’s low priority given there aren’t too many duplicates showing up.




Dupe removed




Dupe removed




Dexter’s lab is done.




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done, thanks.







All 4 done.




Last one done as well.