Duplicate pages for the same movie


is a duplicate of


Dupe removed



Dupe has been merged.



is a duplicate from this one (with a little more checks):

Both have different IMDb links, but they redirect to the same page:


Dupes merged



Doesn’t work.
@Marijn: Is something wrong with the dupe-fixer? The two pages above link to the same IMDb-page, so it surely is a dupe.


Deduplicator seems to be working normally as far as I can see. I’ll take a closer look tonight




@Marijn: Dupe-fixer seems to be broken again.


Sorry for my late reply. Have been on vacation.

The dupe fixer is not broken, but sometimes specific movies do not get handled correctly. I’ve logged the bug and will take a look at it when I have time.



That’s another one that won’t merge when I try.


This is what it says in the logs:

18-05-15 13:25:09 INFO queuehandler.handlers: Received message 2
18-05-15 13:25:09 INFO queuehandler.base: Message 2 sent to processor
18-05-15 13:25:09 INFO core.sql: initializing connection
18-05-15 13:25:09 INFO moviededuplicator.processor: Processing message 2
18-05-15 13:25:09 INFO moviededuplicator.processor: Deduplicating movies 1244663: To Serve and Protect and 961364: To Serve and Protect
18-05-15 13:25:10 INFO moviededuplicator.processor: Movies 1244663: To Serve and Protect and 961364: To Serve and Protect are not duplicates
18-05-15 13:25:10 ERROR moviededuplicator.processor: Exception during message processing: 
18-05-15 13:25:10 WARNING queuehandler: Processing failed, discarding message: 2

I’m now trying to figure out why it doesn’t think that these two are duplicates.


Found the why: Deduplicator cannot handle IMDb https urls. Just pushed a fix and now it went through :slight_smile:



Dupe removed



Dupe removed