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Removed. Thanks.


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Comment removed.


I’m done with all the links posted by bobbybrown.

Going through those pages I also removed tons of youtube-links from other users and dead links from other sites.


That’s 3.5k comments processed, great work!

I’ve rerun the script on the same group of users (top-1000 plus 4 others), and also on the rest of the top-5000. Not nearly as many links this time, I think next time I’ll switch to a general listing of users by checks to cover opted-out ones too.

145 by top-1000 users
296 by the rest of top-5000 users

OT: it’s interesting from a privacy perspective that this tool has revealed country of residence of at least several users by the links posted by them that are exclusive only to a few countries.


Thanks, bobby. I’ll work on those.


I’m done with those last two batches as well.

Bobbybrown, did you run the script on dark users as well? On monty for example? He has a lot of comments with links.


Maybe this could be changed to Michael Jackson: Black or White, just so it matches IMDb.




monty was in that post on the unofficial forum that I started with, so yeah, he’s covered.

There are ~1050 dark users among the top-5000 by all checks, but only 62 dead YT links by them:
And using the approach that PeacefulAnarchy suggested, I found 97 links by 305 users who have commented on official shorts at least once but haven’t been checked yet:

I also updated the script. So in total I have run it on 6365 users. I can modify it to also check links to another video hosting site if anyone can provide an example of a working link and a dead link.


Thanks! Some more things to fix. :smile:
When I run into a dead vimeo- or dailymotion-link, I’ll post it here. Wouldn’t take to long to find something, although I already removed a lot.


Here is an example of a dead vimeo-link:
And a random example of a working vimeo-link:


dead dailymotion:
working dailymotion:


And a dead google-video link:

I don’t think there are any working google-video links anymore.


I’m done with those two batches as well.


111 dead links to Vimeo (roughly 1/8 of all Vimeo links found) among the same 6365 users:


Thanks, bobby!


180 dead links to Dailymotion
47 dead links to Googlevideo


Done with Vimeo.