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Something is going wrong with those Dailymotion links. Some don’t seem to be dead.


If I go click on the link in the comments, the clip works fine for me. If I click on the link in your list of broken links, I get a page that says I need to log in.

I’m not logged in, btw.

I’m not going on with those now. Can you fix it and post a new list?


The google-videos are done.


Damn, my bad. I didn’t expect them to treat their links so confusingly. Some videos can be accessed both by id and by a full link (with a redirect to an id-only url), whereas others must be accessed through [a full url] ( (which redirects to a longer id), links only with id fail. It’s probably related to video privacy settings. And to make it all worse, dailymotion is blocked where I live, so I need to fiddle with unreliable proxies.

Here’s an updated list:
93 on Dailymotion


Thanks for fixing. I’ll continue tomorrow.


Dailymotion is done as well.



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