Comments that need corrections


Thanks for sorting those out, bobby!
I’ll work on these for the next couple of days.


I don’t mean to dishearten you, but here’s another batch:
< moved links up >
I’ll throw the script on the rest of high-ranking users later.

Is there any way I could help removing them?


Wow, you wrote a script?! I should have known. You’re awesome!
I don’t mind, it’s just a lot of work. Editing and removing comments is something that is a moderator’s job. I don’t think you can help more than you already did.

Feel free to post more. I just won’t finish them within a couple of weeks. :wink:


OK. I missed that some videos can be blocked just in my country, so I need to tweak the script and update the lists. You may want to pause with removals until it’s done.


Don’t. In cases like that, I’ll change the link to youpak instead of youtube and it works most of the time, so I want those wrong links as well to be posted here.

It’s always manual work in the end. With every link you posted I check all comments anyway. Some simply need to be deleted, some need to be edited, in some cases I also need to remove/edit comments that are commenting on dead links, etc…


Oh, I see. In any case, I have updated the lists with the info about regional blocking. I was afraid that many links might be banned only for me, but it turns out that only a few of them are actually region-locked, and most of those are banned for all regions. The rest (links without a bold note in the list) seem to be actually deleted.


Done with Armoreska. Starting with Jerry now.


Cippenham’s link



Still working on Jerry’s comments. Almost halfway…


Dead link for Shura:



Great White Silence link = gone


All fixed. Thanks!


I had a break of 5 days, because I had a huge job to do outside of iCM. Continuing now.


Huh? What happened to your $0.20 for each check made by iCM users? I thought that was quite a lucrative deal.

New batch:
< moved links up >


Thanks for all the links. I think I’ve got enough to work on for quite a while. :wink:
I don’t think you should run the script on the users of the next couple of pages now. Maybe just pick some users who we know post a lot of links, like jvv.


The thing is, I have no easy way of finding out who the top commenters are, and it takes less than a minute for the script to check one page of the charts.

I can pause until you catch up. I’ve added one more with users I have alreary scanned to the post above, so that covers the top 1000 users.


What about going through films instead of users, say all the official shorts? Could you get a ranked list of users who’ve posted links on those pages, maybe?


Yeah, take a break. I don’t think you’ll find a lot more outside of the top 1000 users anyway. At least no users with hundreds of posts.


While removing Jerry’s dead links I also remove other dead links on the same pages. I just removed two links for two different Laurel&Hardy-movies, which both lead to a porn-videosite. :fearful:
The titles of those shorts are “Towed in a hole” and “Dirty work”. Maybe someone made a bad joke by posting those links? :laughing:


Sure, that can be done. I will run the script on them when you all run out of things to delete. :slight_smile: